Our Services

Our Services

Broken or Faulty Lock Mechanisms
At Guardian Lock and Safe, we are experts in opening and repairing faulty lock mechanisms. We can repair and service any type of mechanism. We also supply and fit new mechanisms and, if your door lock is obsolete, we can adapt more modern mechanisms to fit your door; this is where some locksmiths would walk away and say it can't be done!

What is a snap safe euro cylinder?
A snap safe cylinder is a lock barrel that is designed to retro fit to your existing door with no fuss or massive cost to the customer. The snap safe cylinder has been designed with special weak points built in so that, when the cylinder is attacked by burglars, it will break off in a totally different place to the standard cylinder and stop intruders entering your home or business to keep your property safe. There is quite a range of snap safe and anti snap lock cylinders now available and we can supply and fit any make to suit your budget. We can also come and check your lock barrels for you if you are not sure which type of euro cylinders you have.

Safe & Vault Engineers Professional Locksmiths

Safe Services
Guardian Lock and Safe take pride in offering non destructive opening of safes and locks wherever possible. This includes manipulation of combination locks and picking of key locks. All safes can be opened and restored to their original condition.
We can assist in safe combination code changes or alter existing locks when a safe key has been lost then supply you with duplicate safe keys on site.
We can cut safe keys on your premises (you don’t need to let your keys out of your sight.)

We can install user friendly high security electronic locks to your existing safe with multi user and audit trail facilities if required.
We service, open and repair safes of all makes. If you have any problem with opening your safe, please call Safe Locksmiths and speak to an expert safe engineer.